Bulgaria News Today – Protests in Sofia Due to Raising Fuel Prices

Thousands of Bulgarians have blocked Sunday major highways and border crossings between Bulgaria and Turkey and between Bulgaria and Greece to protest against soaring fuel prices against a background of discontent due to the low standard of living in the poorest countries of the European Union.

There is not in France that it mobilizes against the increase in the price of fuel. In Bulgaria, thousands of drivers Sunday blocked major highways and border crossings between the Bulgaria and the Turkey and between the Bulgaria and Greece to protest against soaring fuel prices. You might be interested in reading something more about Bulgaria news live.


Border positions blocking

The protesters blocked traffic for several hours in various places on the Trakia and Hemus highways that cross the country before be dispersed by the police, public radio BNR reported. Protesters have also blocked the Maritsa motorway that leads to of Kapitan Andreevo and Lesovo border posts on the border with the Turkey, and access to the border post of Kulata (southwest) with the Greece. Tense moments occurred when protesters managed to break the cord of the gendarmes who were trying to prevent the blockade.

Some 2 000 gendarmes and police officers had been deployed to maintain order.

For the second day Sunday, rallies were also held in major cities while others are planned Monday.

‘Mafia’ and ‘resignation

In Sofia, the capital, dozens of protesters disrupted traffic on the main boulevards chanting ‘mafia!’ and “resignation!”.

The events of the weekend against rising fuel prices and the expected increase in the tax on old vehicles had started three weeks ago, but they have grown, the protesters also denouncing the low standard of living in Bulgaria, where the purchasing power reached only half of the EU average. If you want to know more, you can always contact us.

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