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No chance for reconciliation between protesters and government in Turkey

Turkey-protestsThe statement of the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan had no intention to abandon plans for reconstruction which brought more people to "Taksim" square among the protesters, reported world news agency. At the square, which became a symbol of the anti-government movement in the country tonight was commented that the police could take in the coming days forceful actions against the people. Reason to this gave and the meeting which was held yesterday of the security forces in Istanbul, where most likely were discussed measures to deal with the situation.

According to the newspaper "Radikal" at the meeting was decided power measures to not be taken against the protesters until Monday. Meanwhile, up tents in the park "Taksim" square are increasing and are now are about 200.

Activists of Confederation of Civil Servants of Turkey announced that they will not leave the area of the protest, before Erdogan rethink plans to build new buildings in the square.

All approaches to "Taksim" are blocked with barricades. To the protesters cannot get nor military vehicles or on foot. The whole area around is a free zone, no police, no act prohibiting the use of beer and hard liquor in open places.

The lull will last all weekend, according to people in the protests. Overall, the present general situation in the country is peaceful, the police resorted to extra power means, but this is probably the calm before the storm.


Source: blitz.bg

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