The prophecy of elder Paisios and the insurrection in Turkey

What are the shocking prophecies of elder Paisios for the uprising in Turkey and the cosmogonic changes, which will take place?

Venerable Elder Paisios has repeatedly referred to Turkey, speaking about bloody riots, which will mark the beginning of the end of the Turkish nation.

Many of these revelations and prophecies of the Elder can be found in the book of Major Nikooolaos Zurnadzoglu, “Elder Paisios the Athonite, 1924-1994”.

It is worth to be mentioned some of his apocalyptic prophecies:

“Turkey will fall apart and, indeed, its allies themselves will dissolve it”, March, 1994 (p.412).

“When the Turkish navy begins heading against Greece and reaches the 6 miles, it will actually be destroyed. At this time they will have boiled wheat in their belts. But this won’t come from us. This is the will of God. The “sixth mile” will be the beginning of the end. Then all the events will start to happen and as a result we will take Istanbul. In fact, they will give Istanbul to us…There will be a war between Russia and Turkey. At first, the Turks will think that they would win, but this will be their destruction. The Russians will defeat them in the end and Istanbul will fall in their hands…Then they will be forced to give the city to us…” (p. 417-418)

“The Turks will be destroyed. They will be erased from the map, because they are a nation, which wasn’t result of God’s blessing. From them, 1/3 will go, from where they came from – in the depths of Turkey – another 1/3 will be saved, because they will become Christians; the last 1/3 will be killed in this war…” (p. 418-419)

“Turkey will be divided in 3-4 parts. The countdown has already begun. We (Greece)will take our lands, Armenians will have theirs and the Kurds their own…This will happen, not now, but soon, when this generation that rules Turkey will be removed and another generation of politicians will take the lead. Then the destruction of Turkey will happen. ..Everything will happen during these years. The time has come”. (p. 431)