Mrs Russia 2012 Antonia Petrova: I don’t have operations!

Antonia Petrova, the former Ms. Bulgaria 2009 and the current Mrs. Russia 2012, said on her personal Facebook profile that she has no facial plastic surgery and silicone.
“All my life I have done only one, highlight one surgery, I never hid it and bust. Silicone I have, as I said immediately after the contest” Miss Bulgaria “and I adjusted the bust. Basically I am not obliged to explain to anyone, because these are personal things, but since this is clearly a matter of “national significance” for many people, I decided to clarify the situation. I’ve never done any plastic surgery on the face or body”.


“Sometimes I wonder how some “journalists” with a rather imaginative invent such things. Let me share some of the more striking: extraction of ribs (because you can not just waist my 60 cm) extension of the legs (how could I have had so obscenely long legs), numerous operations, almost every month of the nose (now my nose would completely disappeared), silicone in the lips and which also remember those last days – cheek implants (even though I have not even heard of such an operation) “- Antonia indignant.

Miss Bulgaria 2009, published photos of her trip to Africa with her husband Alexander.