The producer of “Star Wars” plans to shoot a film in Bulgaria

The producer of “Star Wars” will begin filming his new movie in October. Rick McCallum plans to shoot a film about Stalin, he himself said in the morning TV Bulgaria ON AIR. The tape will be co-produced between Bulgaria, Latvia, Czech Republic and Poland.Currently legendary producer looks for appropriate places in our country.

“Bulgarian locations are not seen, they are not known”, said McCallum, adding that he was impressed by the young generation of filmmakers who managed to “express the means of cinema in a very dynamic way”. He was also impressed by the popularity of “Star Wars” in the country. Not just the movies, but also the variety of “Star Wars” games the young population likes to play. They are the second most popular game genre at the best free game sites in Bulgaria, especially at SimpletonGames, right after arcade games.

According to him, the film industry in Bulgaria has a good development. Moreover our country would successfully compete with European projects, if the films are “technically good, bright, provocative, bold and controversial, charged with electricity, so people from all over Europe to identify with them. The trick is to make a movies so good so the people to leave their homes and to go to see them, “explained the world-famous producer. Bulgaria news offers you live coverage about  sport information. Play some Star Wars inspired games while you wait for the release of the new movie. Over here, you can find the top 5 Canadian online casinos on which you can claim a bonus offer and play any casino game without having to spend a single cent.


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