Secret report predicts Bulgaria’s dispopulation

Recent news from Bulgaria about  survey, made by Bulgarain national security agency DANS, is projecting 300,000 Bulgarians to leave the country in the next 20-25 months. The issue is considered as a national security threat.The survey is quoted by Frognews, and is not officially published, but Frognews is well known that is well informed and with sold sourced in the security services.

For the next 6-7 years is expected up to 600-700 000 to emigrate.

The results of the survey have been reported to the President and to the government in August.

A special council’s establishment is discussed as a measure for battling the problem.

The DANS data is very close to this one of Afis.

Also, in th last 4 years 38,65 children have started studying in Bulgarian schools because their families moved abroad.

Acccording to another demographic survey Bulgaria’s population will drop down from 7,2 mln to 5 mln in 2060. 60 % of the population should be retired persons. Here we have a post about one of the Bulgarian cities, which is the oldest city in Europe.



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