Off the record

Protests and civil disobedience because of the high current account was expectedly taken by different parties since Monday, although the people do not want their involvement. DFB leader Ivan Kostov asked losses and thefts over the network to reflect the profit of the supplier and not on the accounts of the households, nationalists do insist on termination of contracts with EDC.

After the referendum NPP “Belene”, which was marked by measuring electorates and boycotts, new volunteers came for entering in power, who recognized the referendum as an opportunity for election counting rows. UDF with a petition against the ban on smoking, movement “Modern Bulgaria” has two questions – the first is for a recall of “bad politics.” It’s election time… requests for referendums rained… On order are CSV and Movement “Bulgaria’s citizens.”

In parliament the consensus consultations failed upon texts in the Election Code. All parliamentary groups without CERB, opposed the government’s request to underlie the law definition of “opposition”. It states that “opposition” parties and coalitions are who voted against forming a government after the parliamentary elections. From the “Blue Coalition” and “Attack” called the proposal “absurd” – in July 2009 they voted “For” the CERB government, now are claiming that they are opposition.

Election violations and corruption, government interference in the judiciary system and the media were among the main topics in the parliamentary debate on Bulgaria in Strasbourg. It was held on the initiative of Graham Watson, who saw the live attempt for assassination of Ahmed Dogan on January 19 in Sofia. Bulgaria was called the “weak link” and “contagion” that deteriorated the democracy in the European Union.

It is possible by the end of the day CERB to offer their candidate for constitutional judge. Such a possibility is discussed, but if there is a worthy candidate, said the Deputy Chairmanof the party Tsvetan Tsvetanov. We recall that 11.02.2013 is the deadline for applications to be uploaded to the website of the national Assembly.