Why invest in Bulgaria?

“Bulgaria is an island of stability in a troubled continent.” With these words the president of Bulgaria Rosen Plevneliev describes the situation in the country. Bulgaria is a stable country yet not rich country in South-East Europe. It has a low public deficit and one of the lowest public debts on the continent. It boasts also with some of the lowest taxes in Europe (10 % flat tax rate for corporations and individuals).

Unlike its neighbors Romania, Serbia and Greece it hasn’t asked the IMF for a bailout. There isn’t such a need.

The country even has a small economic growth of 1 % despite the current crisis in the Eurozone.


As a part of the European Union Bulgaria has access to the world’s strongest common market with more than 450 million consumers. It also has unimpeded access to European funds that help the government to invest in infrastructure, education and agriculture. Top priority of the current center-right government of Boyko Borisov is the construction of major transport highways that would make the transit from Turkey and the Black sea to Central and Western Europe much faster. Here we have a typical Bulgarian News Headline for an investment which is the new HP costumer center in Sofia.

All in all Bulgaria is a country which has still a long way to go. It offers, however, good opportunities for investment in many different spheres such as: winter and summer tourism, agriculture especially grain and wine production, outsourcing and even manufacture and car making.

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