About Us

BG-daily-news.eu is a Bulgarian English-language news website. The news flow is aimed at foreigners, both living in Bulgaria and abroad, who are interested in the country. Bulgarians who live beyond the borders of their home country of Bulgaria are also following the special selection of news BG-daily-news.eu provides.

The most distinguishing feature of the information which is published in BG-daily-news.eu is the objective and positively-oriented nature of the news. We believe that news should be a projection of the truth, which is neither skewed nor falsified. Our goal is to inform the readers about the opportunities Bulgaria offers – it is useful to investors who are researching the market, as well as to anyone who is curious about this country. Additionally, we carefully gather the most attractive news from around the world. The main sections include economy, lifestyle, politics, culture, etc.

Our team of young journalists covers the most important events in their specific areas and provide our readers with high-quality news.

Please note that we are open to any comments from our readers – feel free to contact us any time!